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Alan R. Pearlman
Now that there is a renewed interest in analog synthesis I am personally gratified to find that the original ARP 2600 enjoys an excellent reputation among synthesizer aficionados. There seems to be a real pent-up demand for used ARP 2600's—and an unfortunate scarcity of available used instruments to satisfy that demand.

During these years between the demise of ARP Instruments, Inc and the present, I have personally become an enthusiastic user of personal computers. And have often fantasied about the possibility of doing what Way Out Ware have actually done in developing the TimewARP 2600.

I am consoled to reflect that what Way Out Ware are doing with the TimewARP 2600 is an important evolutionary step in analog synthesis. Way Out Ware's software package not only makes analog synthesis affordable, but also opens the way toward continuing evolution of functionality.

Alan R. Pearlman founded ARP Instruments in 1969, and led the development of the original ARP 2600 synthesizer.

Huston Singletary
"TimewARP 2600 "Kicks A$$!" None fatter exists on the planet....."

Being an ARP 2600 owner and heavy user, I know what to expect from the original monster. TimewARP 2600 stands up to the test. It is capable of reproducing all the classic sounds and then some. Again, TimewARP 2600 Kicks A$$!.

Composer, producer, and sound designer Huston Singletary cut his teeth in Atlanta's recording scene with producers like Babyface and Teddy Riley. Singletary is now an Atlanta institution himself, writing, producing, and developing new artists at both his current home studio and Smith & Huston Productions.web site

Robert Rich
Until trying the TimewARP 2600, I hadn't found any analog modelling synth that could do what real analog can do.

My acid test for all of these models is audio rate filter modulation, the Achilles heel of DSP. My first test with the 2600 impressed me. I placed a 5 KHz oscillator into the filter CV input, and near resonance it had that perfect throaty buzz that a real filter makes when modulated. In full resonance, it chimed like a bell.

Next I started patching all sorts of wrong things into each other: audio feedback loops, fast PWM, noise modulation and chaos... it all worked and sounded as bent as it should sound.

Because it lets me "break" it in musical ways, I rate TimewARP's analog emulation among the best that I have ever heard. This is a very deep tool for sound design, with a tone that comes very close to the original 2600 (although the spring reverb doesn't go "boing" when I bang on it.)

Robert Rich is a noted ambient/electronic recording artist and sound designer. Visit his web site.

Jim Michmerhuizen
Regarding software synthesizers, I had grown weary and cynical. Analog-modeling software had been a decade-long disappointment; some products did interesting things but not the things that real analog modules do. Way Out Ware, however, had already encountered, and thought about, and solved, these problems. They owned a real 2600. They really aimed at getting it right and would not be satisfied with anything less.

It's clear, now, that Way Out Ware has set a new standard for software-based audio synthesis. The behavior of the TimewARP 2600 software—both module-by-module and integrated into patches—is effectively indistinguishable from that of the analog hardware that it emulates.

Soaring and swooping through the free air of analog synthesis – a world of nothing but sliders and cords and continuously evolving patch configuration - was a capstone course at the Boston School of Electronic Music in the 1970's. That is the world that the TimewARP 2600—for a new generation of musicians in a new millennium—provides access to. It is the first—and I believe only—software synthesizer to support real-time performance by sliders and patchcords alone.

Jim Michmerhuizen is author of original ARP 2600 Manual and Founder and Director of the Boston School of Electronic Music. Visit his web site


Now Available
The new TimewARP 2600 for the RTAS platform for Mac and Windows is ready for download. To get a free evaluation copy or to purchase the program, go to the Buy page.

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