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ARP 2600 Links
The Rise and Fall of ARP Instruments
"Back in 1975, when the first issue of Keyboard hit the stands, there were only a handful of companies making synthesizers"

Synthmuseum.com: ARP 2600
"ARP's founder, Alan R. Pearlman, recognized the importance of teaching musicians how to use the technology, so he designed a new instrument with a fixed selection of basic synthesizer functions."

Vinatage Synth Explorer: ARP 2600
The ARP 2600 is without a doubt one of the finest analog synthesizers ever.

Synthony's Synth and MIDI Museum
"Renowned for its electronic superiority, the oscillators and filters in the 2600 are the most stable and accurate available anywhere."

Synth Site: ARP 2600 Semi-Modular
"The 2600 is a normalized modular which means it has a preset signal path similar to most integrated synths."

ARP Synthesizers
"This is a page of resources and articles on ARP Synthesizers."

"This site is a source of technical information on vintage analogue music synthesisers once designed and manufactured by ARP Instruments."

Retro Music Gear: ARP 2600
"ARP's normalized modular 2600 was one serious analog keyboard."

Bluesynths: ARP 2600 Synthesizer
"This is no usual review of the wonderful ARP-2600. Instead of describing each single feature, I'm rather more interested in character and musical power of this synth."

Related Synthesis Links
Analog/Hybrid Modular Synthesizers
"This page will deal with various aspects concerning analog and analog/hybrid modular synthesizers: sound synthesis techniques, signals, function module applications, hardware design, and controlling."

Tutorial for Frequency Modulation Synthesis
"Frequency Modulation (or FM) synthesis is a simple and powerful method for creating and controlling complex spectra, introduced by John Chowning of Stanford University around 1973."

Analogue Heaven
"Analogue Heaven is devoted to the discussion of analogue synths and analogue synthesis, and vintage analogue components."

120 Years of Electronic Music
"This site charts the development of electronic musical instruments from 1870 to 1990. For the purposes of this project electronic musical instruments are defined as instruments that synthesise sounds from an electronic source."

Other Links of General Interest
TheFreeDictionary.com - Music
"The definition of the word "music" is hotly contested, not least because the word has strong connotations and use beyond the subject itself"

"HyperPhysics is an exploration environment for concepts in physics which employs concept maps and other linking strategies to facilitate smooth navigation."

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