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Way Out Ware Releases iSample 2.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch

iSample 2.0 includes an array of new features that make it a leader among the beat making / iPhone studio apps. Shipping with over 50MB of samples created by Mutato Muzika (Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo's company), iSample 2.0 provides a starting place for musical creativity.

Shell Beach, Ca. Nov 18, 2009 -- iSample 2.0 for iPhone / iPod Touch from Way Out Ware, Inc. is now available in the Apple App Store. iSample 2.0 is an exponential leap from the initial release of iSample 1.0 released July 2009. Containing features previously only found in professional music applications, iSample provides the user with a hand-held sampling, looping, and song creation workstation. With the initial price of .99 US, iSample 2.0 is a dream realized for pocket music enthusiasts.

Containing over 50MB of samples created by Mutato Muzika, you will have hours of fun just jamming with the sounds provided. In addition, iSample 2.0 provides tools to graphically trim, scrub, quantize, and mix the 6 sample tracks with delay and reverb effects making it possible to rapidly manipulate the included samples, as well as to quickly make clean loops out of newly captured or imported samples. The 12 slot step-sequencer and song list screens allow you to quickly create grooves to jam over with the sample pads.

Improvement in the design and layout of the features in iSample 2.0 to provide a simple, easy to understand user experience. The Wi-Fi sharing feature provides an efficient way to get samples in and out of iSample 2.0 enabling the user to create their own compositions with .WAV and .AIF files quickly and easily. Taking advantage of the graphic processor on the iPhone and iPod Touch, iSample provides a very fluid and interactive set of visual wave displays that provide you with extreme control.

Here is what people are saying about iSample 2.0:

"iSample is incredibly deep, containing features found normally on professional audio software costing far more. And it’s loads of fun to play with." - Roger Linn (of Roger Linn Designs and MPC inventor)

".... the functionality you've put into the new version is astounding. It took me all of 5 mins to work out how to use it. It's so logical" - Darren Scarce (iSample 1.0 owner)

"Wayoutware has created a an extremely cool app here with ISample. It's not only a very solid sampler for the iphone, but it also elegantly opens up new avenues of creativity which I have really enjoyed exploring. This is the way an iphone music app should be!" - Jordan Rudess (Keyboardist for Dream Theater and an iPhone music expert)

For additional information on iSample 2.0 (or for a demo copy), contact Jim Heintz. iSample 2.0 is currently available in the Apple App Store at http://budurl.com/isamplepr, iSample is a trademark of Way Out Ware, Inc.

About Way Out Ware:

Way Out Ware has developed a reputation for producing virtual instruments of uncompromised audio quality and functionality.  TimewARP 2600 and KikAXXE are in common use by some of the best-known artists in the world, as well as by many Hollywood film composers and analog synth enthusiasts.

Way Out Ware's mission is to make tools for musicians and composers that deliver the best possible quality for an affordable price. 


Jim Heintz, Founder/CEO
Way Out Ware, Inc.
(805) 773-7952